The Alberta area is known for dealing with unexpected and hazardous weather conditions. Property owners have had to manage millions in damages as a result of everything from flash floods to forrest fires. One could see why the region should have a professional Calgary restoration service on speed dial.

Protecting Your Investment

Buying a home is one of the largest and most personal investments a person will make. Preserving it is paramount. And while a DIY-er can probably manage a lot of small tasks, certain projects require a professional team of craftsmen that have the latest tools, training and technology. We’ve seen many an instance where a homeowner chose to save money tackling these projects. In a lot of cases, they couldn’t find time to finish the job because of their busy lifestyles. More often than not, they found they lacked the expertise to complete the work. Worse, they made mistakes that ended up costing them.

When you choose to use us, you get accurate assessments of damage based on experience. You will be walked through a detailed plan for getting your home looking new at an affordable cost. You get a free quote on the project. You receive a service from a company that’s licensed and insured, and has a reputation for customer satisfaction throughout the Alberta.

Full Service Restoration

The impact of natural disasters and unfortunate accidents does not have to irreparable. We’re a full service restoration company with a portfolio of successful projects. We provide services that minimize damage that could leave unwanted, long-term repercussions. Every member of our staff is tops in their field of expertise.


Water damage: Water whether from firefighting, sewage backup, or rain can get into the basement, floors, and walls. Proper water removal and drying is critical as soon as the water appears. Our crew runs 24/7 365 days a year to help you out in those critical situations.


Fire restoration: From clean-up to storing salvageable items to painting and putting everything back, we operate using the best procedures, the most advanced tools, and any and all safety and health guidelines.


Smoke damage: This is definitely not a DIY project. A fire leaves smoke and soot that seeps into everything. If not managed properly, the effects will remain, getting worse as it corrodes, etches, discolors and reeks. Only a professional service knows proven practices for removing this damage, preventing long-term harm to your property.


Asbestos Abatement:  We are expertly trained in proper asbestos abatement procedures.  We will safely contain and remove any asbestos containing products from your home while respecting the integrity of the remaining structures.


Mold Inspection and Removal:  If you suspect mold could be present in your home you shoudl have a qualified third party company perform a air quality test to check for any harmful molds.  If mold is discovered our team can safely remove, clean, and restore any effected areas. We always respect the integrity of your property and only remove what is absolutely necessary.


Restoration is a big project. Don’t leave getting it right to chance. Give us a call and find out how can save you time and money.