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As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. From ensuring proper customer service to inventory and so much more, every day brings with it new challenges that must be faced head-on. While most of these tasks are just part of doing business, there is one that often comes as quite a surprise, and it can make a serious impact on your company.

Commercial water damage restoration is a tedious process, and if the building or office where you do business has recently sustained this type of damage, it’s crucial that you get started as quickly as possible. Not only can further structural damage result, but you can even run the risk of health hazards posed when mold and fungus are able to develop.

Our staff understands the responsibilities you have, and it can be difficult to find the time to address these serious issues. Not to mention, unless you have the training, tools, and experience, completing the job properly can be difficult to achieve. When you work with our staff, however, you can take advantage of the fact that we are IICRC certified, and we put our state-of-the-art equipment to work for you to get you back on your feet and operational quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Our Company For Commercial Flood Cleanup?

question-mark-160071_1280Commercial flood cleanup can be a difficult project, and there are a number of reasons why experience is necessary. Just some of the benefits we bring to the table include:

  • We offer comprehensive water removal services, and this includes the removal of standing water that poses significant risk to your commercial structure.
  • One of our experienced contractors will provide you with a complete assessment of the damage, and this includes the inspection of both visible and non visible areas that are at risk.
  • Our staff will quickly remove all water-damaged materials that are known to encourage the growth and development of harmful mold, fungus and spores that can put you, your staff, and your valuable customers in danger.
  • In the event that mold has already infiltrated your business structure, we are able to provide reliable mold remediation services.
  • We take all measures necessary to ensure the overall sanitation of your structure including the assurance that your water damage problems did not lead to contamination of sewage and toxic chemicals.

quality serviceOur staff is dedicated to your overall satisfaction, and we take pride in the work we perform for each and every client we have the pleasure of serving. We understand the sensitive nature of the trouble you have on your hands, and that’s why we put our tools and knowledge to work to quickly address the problem without sacrificing quality.

Best of all, we are registered with both Homestars and the BBB, so you can rest assured we possess the credentials you can rely on. Your business is your baby, and we utilize the proper protocols to ensure we are best able to get your structure as close to its original condition as possible following a flooding situation.

Understanding the Commercial Flood Cleanup Process

When a flooding situation hits, it can be difficult to decide what to do first. While it’s obvious that standing water should quickly be removed, there are often dangers such as electrical shock. Not to mention there are areas that are often affected that are outside your visibility, and, when overlooked, they can result in further damage as well as an increased chance for mold development.

The future of your company is at stake, and, fortunately for you, there is only one step you need to take to ensure you protect it. Our staff understands that these situations arise when you least expect them, and that’s why we make ourselves available 24/7 to help you when you need us most, and we get to work quickly employing our proven commercial water damage restoration process.

When you first call our company, you can expect to receive a quick response, and our experienced staff will be ready to take your information including:

  • Your name and basic contact informationsteps-1496523_1280
  • Your insurance information if necessary
  • The street address of your business
  • Information regarding the nature of the problem including the time it occurred and what caused it

Once we have the information we need, we quickly dispatch a team of knowledgeable technicians to your site. In fact, for calls made within city limits, we can be there within 45 minutes to begin utilizing our valuable efforts to get the problem under control and prevent any further damage. Once we arrive, we will first complete a thorough inspection of the entire property. This includes:

  • Stopping the water source
  • Checking for potentially contaminated water
  • Identifying whether the type of water you have is white, gray, or black, which makes a difference on the level of contamination and the efforts needed to restore the business
  • Surveying damage
  • Inspecting the building for safety
  • Blocking furniture and other valuables to prevent damage

Once our inspection is complete, we quickly get to work extracting water from the premises. Not only does this help prevent mold, but it also reduces the drying time that will be necessary.

Our powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units are able to remove thousands of gallons of water from your commercial structure quickly and with ease. Once removed, we will then assess whether or not items need to be temporarily removed to protect them while the drying process is being conducted. We will also:

moisture meter

  • Use specialized tools such as moisture detectors and hygrometers to effectively measure the extent of saturation that has occurred
  • Use special cameras to detect any moisture that may be hiding in various vulnerable areas
  • Inspect the carpets and pads to determine whether or not they need to be replaced

Once we have extracted standing water, we then get to the process of drying your building and its contents. It’s crucial that we follow a professional protocol during this process because elements of your structure such as drywall and wood are porous, and this makes them susceptible to warping, swelling, and rotting.

We accomplish drying by starting with specialized equipment used to manipulate the temperature and humidity levels. Just a few of the tools we have on hand to ensure we do a thorough job include:

  • Monitoring equipment to properly track our progress
  • High-speed fans to ensure steady airflow across carpets, furniture, and other materials to encourage steady evaporation
  • Top-of-the-line dehumidifiers

When water damage strikes, the fate of your business lies in the balance. Quick measures are necessary to reduce the overall damage, and that’s what we’re here to provide. Once your structure is properly dried, we get to work cleaning and sanitizing the entire structure.

This is a tedious process but one that cannot be overlooked. It’s our goal to restore rather than replace your valuables to save you time and money. Some of the methods we’ll utilize include:

  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • Spraying
  • Hand-wiping
  • Immersion and abrasive cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • Antibacterial treatments
  • Disposal of waste and refuse

Once sanitized, our services are almost complete, and there are only a few more things that need to be completed. We want to best ensure your building is completely restored, and that’s why we take our time to pay attention to even the seemingly smallest of details. We stick around to help walk you through:

  • Carpet installation
  • Painting
  • Floor repairs
  • Drywood removal and installation
  • Tile repair
  • And much more

What to Do If You Have Water Damage

house floodsCommercial flood damage is serious business. After all, this is your bread and butter, and both you and your employees rely on your company in order to pay their bills and maintain their livelihoods. While it’s important to receive professional help from an experienced commercial flood restoration specialist as soon as possible, there are things you can do if you suspect or know a problem exists before help arrives.

For starters, the safety of you and your employees is an utmost concern. Therefore, it’s important that you first evacuate the area and instruct everyone to stay clear until authorities give you the go-ahead. Once you’ve cleared this permission, the following steps should be taken as you prepare to head back inside:

  • Turn off the power main. If the power was on when the flooding occurred, contact a qualified technician to clear the building of any potential safety hazards.
  • Avoid the use of items such as appliances, heating systems, sewage systems, and electrical components until they have been properly dried and cleaned.
  • Make sure the building is structurally sound before re-entrance.
  • Be aware of the odor, taste and color of drinking water to stay informed of potential contaminations.
  • Begin discarding any flood damaged items. If you’re unsure whether or not something can be restored, wait for our flood damage assessment staff to arrive and inspect it.
  • Any documentation you have that has been damaged should be quickly stored in a freezer to avoid any further problems.
  • Using a camera, obtain pictures and/or video of the damage in order to make things easier to prove when you bring the case to your insurance adjustor.
  • Report the damage to both your insurance company and local municipality as soon as possible.
  • Use the necessary equipment when inside the structure such as gloves, masks, pails, mops, large containers, and plastic bags to maintain sanitation and hygiene.
  • If you have equipment such as sump pumps, you can begin to extract large areas of standing water as you wait for us to arrive. Even if you don’t, using pails to extract water can get the process going since every second counts.
  • Do not heat the home any more than 4°C until the water is removed.

safety firstIt can be all too easy to panic in the face of commercial flood damage. However, it’s important to begin taking these steps as quickly as possible. While our professional team makes every effort to get to your location as quickly as possible, these steps can help you more successfully maintain the integrity of your structure.

Safety comes first, however, so make sure you stay clear of the building until you are informed it’s safe to enter. For more information and helpful tips to follow after flood damage has staked its claim on your business structure, the government of Canada provides many additional helpful tips here.




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