Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive an estimate?

We make receiving an estimate a simple process. Just call us or fill out our online form and an agent will contact you to set up an appointment. Once we arrive, we will do a thorough examination of your home and our trained, certified professionals will give you a detailed estimate of exactly what processes we will need to preform to return your home to perfection.

Do we test for mold and what is the process I should expect?

Yes, we test for mold. Mold infestations move swiftly throughout a home and cause major health issues in the occupants. We take this matter very seriously. When you expect you have a mold problem, call us and we will do a complete inspection throughout the entire home, locate the water problem (usually causing the mold), and contain the area. Our trained professionals will use specialized equipment to remove all mold spores in air filtration units, carpets, and any other items that have become infected.

What process should I expect for water damage?

Having your family home damaged by water can be an overwhelming situation. We understand this and strive to make your situation as worry free as possible. Just contact us and we will send our certified professionals out as quickly as possible. Upon arrival, our representative will do a complete assessment of the damage, determining the scope of the situation. Upon hire, our professionals follow a detailed process of extraction to make sure that every part of your home is safe. First, our certified professional will determine the source of the damage and stop the source if not already stopped. Our representative will then use specialized equipment to remove standing water and will inspect all items to determine what can be sanitized and what needs replacement (example: carpet or carpet padding.) We will never complete a removal without your approval. Once the water is removed, we will use a dehumidification process to dry all items. Finally, we will clean all the water affected areas and items.

What process can I expect for smoke or fire damage?

A trained professional will inspect and test the room or rooms in question as well as adjoining rooms to determine the extent of the damage. If there was a fire in which the fire department responded to, the next step is to remove all water and dehumidify all rooms affected. Once dry, the certified professionals will use special equipment to remove soot from all areas and surfaces. Next, we will sanitize, disinfect, and restore recoverable items. Finally, we will clean any recoverable carpeted areas with industrial strength cleaners to insure no bacteria or mildew remain.

Should I call my insurance company?

While we recommend calling your insurance company, you do not have to. Our trained professionals will give you a detailed estimate of the restoration costs. If you chose to pay all of our services out of pocket, that is your choice. We highly recommend contacting your insurance company to determine if they cover your situation in their policy as it could save you money. A normal deductible for homeowners insurance usually $250, $500, or $1000. If you turn in the claim to covered homeowners insurance, your deductible would be all you pay unless you chose upgrades at the time.